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The Magonia project In January 2018, under the leadership of Ms. Célia Bouchard, professor of general sciences in Switzerland and cosmologist, the association '' Université Magonia '' was created around a team of senior volunteers and volunteers from teaching and research, their goal, find what has not yet been thought and discovered and which would benefit humanity in matters of science and technology.

The association is declared in prefecture of Foix (France) under cover of the association law of July 1, 1901 with the mention `` scientific character '' wanting by nature not-for-profit and of public interest, in terms of innovative fundamental research in the field of the physical sciences. Being able to benefit from their experience and more free time, the initiators of the associative project launched in January 2018 the '' Magonia Project 2EHDPM © '', with the aim of researching and developing innovative concepts in terms of discovery in matters of energy based on the cosmological postulate of Mrs. Célia Bouchard to which she herself gave the name of “Postulate Magonia” *.

Ms. Bouchard began working on the construction of her postulate in 1993.

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