Preamble - Earth 21st century

Since 120 years on Earth the most used sources of energy are of non-renewable origins, be it coal or nuclear. These sources of energy are very polluting, whether for extraction, exploitation and storage. At the speed at which the earth's humanity consumes these energies a worst case scenario of an unprecedented shortage is emerging on the horizon of the end of this century, see much earlier than expected according to some analysts.

In response to this emerging energy and environmental clash, researchers, including numerous lobbies, are trying to find alternative solutions to this likely future. Among these alternative solutions some are exploited for some years, or even more, such as hydraulic, solar, wind, tidal power, cold fusion ... Others are put forward mainly through processes and production systems while being subject to cautions, such as so-called "free" energy systems. Be that as it may, it is demonstrated that the production of proven alternative energies will not be enough soon.

'In the name of' 'progress'' is associated advances in digital, miniaturization and pseudo-discoveries, but in reality no major progress has been made since the 1960s. Tomorrow, can we to unravel the mysteries of the Universe, to discover the secrets of the brain, to refine our knowledge of the origins of man, to invent new drugs?
''Not sure ! '' Alert recently the CNRS scientific council and its president, Bruno Chaudret. "Biology, chemistry, physics, mathematics, astronomy, archeology ... in all areas of basic research, science is in danger. Scientific knowledge is locked in an instrumental role, to the detriment of its intellectual and cultural value '' - end quote.

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