Fort Worth Museum of Modern Art - Texas USA

The Magonia postulate is the basis of societal activity In essence, even a postulate is built on a proposition that we ask to admit before any demonstration. To do this, the postulate is asked for a minimum of evidence, or even findings, which may go in the direction of the statement.

Once the postulate has been developed, Ms. Bouchard, with the participation of the constituent volunteers, the associative team intends to demonstrate it by building a prototype electric power plant which will show its relevance, and which has constituted since the creation of the 'association the central axis of research on new sources of extractable energy.

In 2018, this creation was given the name ZZ-Maschine, German acronym for '' Zugmaschine extraktor Zone null energie Maschine '' and whose name was changed to 2EHDPM © or '' Energie Extraktor mit Hoher Dichte Polymorpher - Maschine '', in French '' High Polymorphic Density Energy Extraction Device '' with which a power plant project is associated.

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