Another focus

Magonia Research and Innovation is also working on the photon :

- Artificial intelligence on the idea of ​​a new type of electro-photonic processor with an innovative architecture based on the implantation of a substrate supporting photo-sensitive logic gates, which would allow fine engraving on the scale of the picometer.
The objectives of this research will be to :

- Machinery requiring complex security and analysis which can lead to rapid and relevant decision-making Example: Management of the relation P = NP.
- Cartographies and topographies at picometer scales
- Medicine, industry, research, the main advantage at this level being the small size of the processors in view of the large extent of the definition fields supported.
- Complex calculations and related IT.
- Polymorphic filtering of a wave signal.
- Better performing artificial intelligence.

- Quantum physics of the photon as a carrier of information in liquid and solid media :
The objectives of this research will be to :

- Medicine, agrophysics, information transmission systems.

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