The 2ehpdm

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The 2EHDPM © presents itself as an energy extractor with high polymorphic density in the sense that it places particles in close relationship by energy transfer between them. According to what is defined in the Magonia postulate, the novelty and source of this device lies in the fact that the particles which will interact exist in contiguous dimensional spaces or complex plans of evolution, but with different architectural characteristics - notion of spaces '' multidimensional '' overlapping characterizing our universe hence the use of the term '' polymorphic '' (1).

Technically speaking, the 2EHDPM © will relate by field effect electrons evolving in the directly superior spatial complex plane with photons from our spatial evolution plan. The directly superior complex plane includes a degree of spatial folding additional to that which is common to us, which makes it a space in which the quanta or particles are more doped in energy than the particles their corresponding ones in our evolutionary plan.

Once this energy transfer has been carried out, the energized photons will transmit the excess energy they carry, in the form of heat, which will make it possible to turn groups generating electricity using conventional thermo devices. Theoretical calculations show that the 2EHDPM © if it can be carried out according to our forecasts, will be able to supply per unit a power of 64 GWt (2), or 15 times more than a reactor of a powerful nuclear power plant ( 3). The following figure shows a possible arrangement of a 2EHDPM power plant in conversion of a thermo-nuclear power station.

(1) The use of the term "multidimensional" is considered by us as an abuse of language, however we use this term to give a meaningful image to the understanding of a non-scientific audience.
(2) GWt abbreviation for thermal gigawatt.
(3) Basis of comparison, Chooz nuclear power plant (08600 France), whose central production motif consists of two pressurized water reactors (PWR), with a thermal power of 4,250 GW each.

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